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Modello, as its name suggests, started off as an on-site talent management agency with a selection of beautifully refined models and talents for fashion and events. For 12 years, the team at Modello was integral in providing talents and models that delighted clients with their professionalism on fashion platforms, launch stages, exclusive events, and the like.

Today, Modello puts its talent on a completely different platform since 2018.

With the rise of social media, Modello recognized the growing demand for social media influencers and key opinion leaders. Modello has since spent the past 5 years building up a portfolio of up-and-coming influencers with their discerning eye for talent. Together, the team expanded and created what would be the 1st talent recruitment mobile application in Malaysia.

Modello’s solid reputation as a renowned talent management agency made it so that they have a continuous supply of models, promoters, influencers, and key opinion leaders (aka KOL). With the introduction of the Modello app, Modello is taking one step forward towards being one of the best influencer and talent sources in Malaysia.