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修复护发系列 - Hair Repair & Care Series

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1️⃣ Repair shampoo 温和清洁不刺激,使发质有蓬松,保湿,光辉,弹性

2️⃣ One Minute Treatment是分子比较小 头发会比较容易吸收~ 可以迅速修复漂染烫 修复发质改善头发干燥 毛燥 打结和分叉的问题

3️⃣ 18in1是不需要冲洗的treatment,平时想要随时搽都可以 方便便用可以修复发质 改善头发80%的干燥 打结 毛躁 和分叉的问题


Step 1️⃣ Shampoo 

Step 2️⃣ One Minute Treatment(涂抹在发中至发尾 等待1-2分钟 即可冲洗) 

Step 3️⃣ 18 in 1(涂抹在发尾 即可吹头发)

What is  modos Green Tea One Minute Spa Treatment different with other Treatment?

 #1 Natural GreenTeaEssentialOil Hair/Scalp care series in Asia 

1. Supply nutrients to the hair  

 - By supplying nutrients to weak hair, it makes hair healthy and sleek.

 2. 9Kinds of herbal extract 

  - Because it contains 9 kinds of herbal extract, it has diverse hair trouble improvement effect such as prevention of dry hair, extreme damaged, split ends etc

 4. pH 5.5 of acidulous     

The acidulous treatment which pH level is similar to the skin  

18in1 Intentive Treatment Spray is an innovative multi function treatment that offers 18 banefits






5.Provide Heat Protection 

6.Improves Managebility 

7.Primes Hair For Styling 

8.Helps seal in hair cuticle 

9.Reduce Dryness

 10.Help Even Out Porous Hair

 11.Provides Instant Result

 12.Help Prevent Hair Breakage 

13.Adds Shine 14


15.Helps Prevent Split Ends 

16.Safe for Color Treated Hair 

17.Safe for Highlighted Hair

 18.Helps Shield Against External Aggressors

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